About InfoAsia

InfoAsia Consulting Corporation is a leading technology company focused on the development of the following:

  • Information and Transactional Kiosk Systems (hardware / software)
  • Customized IT Systems Solutions
  • Website Development (info and e-commerce)
  • Networked Ticketing Systems (parking, movies, coupons, etc)
  • Game Development (iOS, Android and PC)
  • Mobile Application Development (iOS and Android)
With over 20 years of experience in the Philippine IT Industry, InfoAsia Consulting Corporation is your partner in developing cutting-edge IT solutions that will enable you to create and innovate your platform efficiently.We specialize in rapid application development, incorporating client feedback into the development process to ensure system acceptability. InfoAsia Consulting Corporation only utilizes licensed software packages and practices the highest ethical standards in protecting your intellectual property.The key to technology is flexibility, and we can work with any software development platform, be it open source or proprietary and on any publicly available hardware platform and equipment.

Our enterprise clients have benefited from our customization and implementation of existing software packages such as Google Apps Enterprise, OrangeHRM, Microsoft Exchange Server and Cloud Computing systems.

We make it our day-to-day calling to enable our partners to embrace technology and the Internet taking their business to the next level, while keeping costs economical.

InfoAsia Consulting Corporation is committed in growing your business by keeping you ahead of the IT curve and creating meaningful connections with your market.